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Clinics in Madrid and Palma de Mallorca

902 22 22 00

Instituto de Medicina Sexual
C/ Eladio Lopez Vilchez 2, 2°C
Esquina C/Arturo Soria, 284
28033 Madrid

Palma de Mallorca
Centro Asoc. Hosp. Quirón Palmaplanas
C/ Anselm Turmeda, 12
07010 Palma


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Andrological Surgery   Clinical and Medical Sexology  
Our centers are speciliased in penile surgery (malformations, penile curvatures, penile implants prosthesis, penile enhancement...)   Evaluation and diagnosis of the medical/psichological/sexual aspects of sexual dysfunctions. Psico-sexual and pharmaceutical therapy programs for the individual and/or for the couple.  
Multidisciplinary medical team   Long-distance consultations  
Our medical team includes urologists, andrologists, sexual medicine experts and psychologists. all of whom are in permanent contact with major investigation forums in order to keep up with the latest scientific advances in diagnosis and treatment options.   Request a long distance consultation via email, our specialists will provide personalised response or second opinion.  
Our center in Mallorca Our center in Mallorca Our center in Madrid Our center in Madrid
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