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The Sexual Medicine Institute (IMS) has been created to channel the activities of Communication, Research and Training through a specific organisation. These activities have been actively carried out by the Team headed by Mariano Rosselló, M.D. from the Centres for Urology, Andrology and Sexual Medicine, located in Palma de Majorca and Madrid.

From its beginnings, Dr. Rosselló established as a main objective of the Centre the practice of Preventive Medicine thanks to a close and permanent contact with the media to whom are presented the latest advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of the pathologies of Urology, Andrology and Sexology. Permanent interaction with pioneer investigation forums in these areas, coupled with the Centre's own research and clinical trial activities, have always been a constant value of the Centre.

The main activities of the Sexual Medicine Institute (IMS) are the following:

  • Communication:

  • Contributing to the popularisation of preventive healthcare through a regular presence in national mass media.

    Strengthening the doctor-patient relationship with the aim of helping patients to have a better knowledge of preventive healthcare measures.

    Establishing solid ties with other healthcare professionals / other medical areas of expertise, by promoting an ongoing exchange of information to enhance multidisciplinary areas of knowledge.

  • Research:

  • The IMS is committed to the study of new techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of the urology, andrology and sexology related pathologies, and to presenting these findings in medical meetings and / or publications.

  • Training:

  • Keeping our team updated about the latest techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies in the areas of urology, andrology or sexual medicine.

    Maintaining the Centre's medical training activities (attending scientific forums, seminars, conferences, etc.)

    Organising training activities (courses, seminars, conferences, etc) with the aim of updating medical knowledge and of promoting an enriching data exchange between healthcare professionals from all disciplines.

    The IMS's mission is to unite efforts with one aim in mind: enhancing the most precious good of mankind: health.

    The IMS (Sexual Medicine Institute) is closely linked with the Urology, Andrology and Sexual Medicine Centre ( which is where its experts work in these 3 fields of medicine, assisting both men and women.
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